[LinuxBIOS] Bochs is too slow while loading the Linux

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Wed Nov 30 19:05:51 CET 2005


>     Linux kernel size is around 512 MB.
>     Bochs is taking around 12 sec to load Linux which is unacceptable
>     as per as system requirements.

You will probably have to get a faster hard drive. With the numbers you
provided this gets down to about 43 Megabytes per second, which is not
too bad.

The question is: 

- Why do you need such a big kernel?

>     Bochs itself is too slow in executing the things.
>     I observed that it is around 20 times slow than LinuxBIOS which is
> executing before Bochs.
>     Please help me in fixing this problem.
> Thanks in advance

Use LinuxBIOS directly, or use filo.


Best regards,


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