[LinuxBIOS] LinuxBios on ETX-mgx Geode GX1 platform

Joep Jansen joep at frog.nl
Wed Nov 30 14:29:28 CET 2005


I would like to use LinuxBIOS on an embedded Geode GX1 platform.
The board is an Kontron ETX-mgx, and is has the following parts on board:

* CPU: Geode GX1 266 MHz

* Southbridge: CS5530A

* Superio: Winbond W83977F:
   IDE, floppy, 2x serial, parallel port

* Phoenix BIOS 4.0 in a Am29F040B 512kx8 flash chip (TSOP package)

* 64 MB PCI 133 DIMM

* Compact flash slot

* USB controller (Compaq ZFMicor Chipset)

* Ethernet: Davicom DM9102AE

I want to use LinuxBIOS with FILO to boot a linux kernel from the IDE 
Compact Flash.
My idea is to piggyback an empty flash chip on top of the BIOS flash 
chip, and then use a switch to select the original
BIOS or a newly flashed one.

I am new on this list, and would appreciate some help to get this 
project on the road!

My question is:

What would be the best way to get this started?

Can I use LinuxBIOSv1 or LinuxBIOSv2?
LinuxBIOSv2 seems newer, but it seems to lack support for the W83977F.

Thanks for any help!


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