[LinuxBIOS] I want Windows booting

Jun OKAJIMA okajima at digitalinfra.co.jp
Tue Nov 29 02:33:45 CET 2005


Current ADLO can not boot XP. Then, how about using freeldr as payload?
You must know freeldr already, but if I would explain shortly,
it is a clone of NTLDR, a boot loader of WindowsNT/2k/XP.
And it is one of products of ReactOS project.
Currently it can just boot ReactOS, which will be a clone of Windows itself,
and can not boot genuine Windows. But plan to be able to boot guenuie one someday.

Then, if once it becomes to be able to boot guenie Windows, how about using it
as payload? if doing so, it is yet another way of booting Windows than ADLO.

BTW, somebody help to work X on EPIA-M!.
Why 0xc0000 data changes after boot?

                   --- Okajima, Jun, Tokyo, Japan.

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