[LinuxBIOS] abuild.sh issue

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Wed Nov 23 10:56:04 CET 2005

* ron minnich <rminnich at gmail.com> [051123 07:12]:
> stefan, I have a patch to abuild.sh on the issue tracker. This patch works as
> follows:
> If there is a targets/vendor/mainboard/Config-abuild.lb
> that will be used instead of the auto-generated one. See what you think.
> The msm586seg now builds correctly in abuild. if this patch is ok, I
> will apply it or you can.
> Also, note that abuild won't create linuxbios-builds if you specify -t
> ... this is a bug.
> ron

The patch is fine. We definitely need something like this to get around
the build specifics of certain boards and the files in targets are not
suitable for this. 

What's the issue with -t ?

./abuild.sh -t island/aruma
Processing mainboard/island/aruma (i386: ok, we're amd64)
  Creating config file... ok
  Creating builddir...ok
  Compiling image ..FAILED! Log excerpt:
too few registers

So it basically seems to work, except the current svn is broken.

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