[LinuxBIOS] patch for hole_startk == basek....

yhlu yinghailu at gmail.com
Tue Nov 22 03:05:44 CET 2005

stephan, oille,

Please check the memhole patch.

when the hole_startk == one node basek,
1. it will modify base reg instead of hole reg
2. or if K8_HW_MEM_HOLE_SIZE_AUTO =1, then hole_startk will be moved to pri
node mem middle....

this could solve the problem such as
1. two nodes, and first cpu have 2G installed, and memhole size is set to
2G, or mmio_basek is 2G, ( 2 IB installed).
2. four nodes. and every node has 1 G installed, and mmio will be 1G, and
memhole is 1G.....

New Mem hole behavoir will be
1. if K8_HW_MEM_HOLE_SIZEK == 0, then don't set mem_hole
2. if it is set, and it make hole_startk <= mmio_basek, will not reset mem
hole in northbridge.c
3. if it is set, and it make hole_startk > mmio_basek, memhole will be reset
in northbeidge.c
4. if hole_startk met with basek, it will use base reg instead of increase
the hole_sizek to make hole_startk to the middle of pri node.

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