[LinuxBIOS] issue 24

Lu, Yinghai yinghai.lu at AMD.COM
Tue Nov 22 01:42:14 CET 2005

I sent you my latest tall last week.....for aruma, s2881/s2885.  Only
miss the HW mem hole setting regarding hole_startk == basek....

Regarding apic id lifting
1. final solution will be 
	a. ENABLE_APIC_EXT_ID will decide if lifted apicid
	b. APIC_ID_OFFSET will decide offset
	c. LIFT_BSP_APIC_ID will decide if lift BSP's....

2. Need to put back sth back to cpu_scan_bus...

Giant patch? It is already into two patch....
1. it is in two patch.... one for microcode
2. One for acpi, Serengeti is just for referenc.e

I have lost the sync to the public tree....., later I will send my tar
ball to Stephan and you instead if needed...

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Yh Lu, could you please look at issue 24, and respond to stefan's

Yh Lu, I notice in issue 24, you set the idx to 0x10 in the amd k8 
northbridge code, as opposed to the previous 10. Did you change this 
back? What is the current favorite setting? Did we ever decide if this 
was really ok? I've not been tracking all the 'lifting' discussions as I

should have been -- sorry.

At the least, please, can you review this patch and let's try to get it 
in as a set of patches, not as one giant patch; and, please seperate out

the board-specific stuff (serengeti) from the global stuff that affects 
everything (northbridge/amdk8).

What's the state of the ********** 16 *************** lnxi patches? did 
someone apply them and not mark them, or do we really have to test them 

I'm going to look at issue 31 next ... maybe this one will be easy.

I was that close to applying Yh Lu's issue 24 patch, but it scared me.


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