[LinuxBIOS] I just closed issue 28

Ronald G Minnich rminnich at lanl.gov
Tue Nov 22 00:57:08 CET 2005

patch 04 was superseded by patch 6, but in any event, none of the 
patches took (they were assumed to be -r). Also, the other epia-m item 
(29) is in the tree, so I closed that.

please, folks, if you are resolving these issues, set the status to 
resolved and sign it off in comments.

Here is the rough path for using this tracker (we're still waiting on 
the doc)

login to the issue tracker.
create the issue
describe the problem
upload the file (x.diff)
assign to somebody.

somebody else should close the issue, so:
- get somebody to review.
- annoy us if we don't.

to close
- if it is global impact, scan carefully. take your time
- if it is only one mobo, one person, the person who sent the diff,
    scan carefully but try to get it done soon.
- apply the diff, if it succeeds
	commit and mark the issue resolved, with 'signed-off-by' in the remarks

- if it fails
	mark it deferred and notify the submitter

I am going to try nick barker's patch. It seems somebody is applying 
these and not following up?


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