[LinuxBIOS] RAM limit of TM5800 with VT8231 southbridge

Miernik miernik at ffii.org
Thu Nov 17 07:45:47 CET 2005

As i noticed a discussion on RAM limit above, I would like to start one
too, but about my board:

I have a HP Compaq t5500 Thin Client


It has a TRANSMETA CRUSOE 5800A073310 CPU (TM5800) with integrated
northbridge, and a VIA VT8231 southbridge.

29LV160ATTC-90  2 MB flash chip (soldered).

I would like to put LinuxBIOS on it, and I would like to put as much RAM
as possible in it.

It has 1 SO-DIMM 200-pin DDR slot, and some place for soldering RAM
chips on the board.

In the slot there is a 128 MB module now. HP specs say you can put max
512 MB module there.

What are the real RAM limits? The TM5800 CPU supports 4 GB of RAM, so
thats the upper limit, but is there anything that limits it lower, and
if so what?

I am now planning to buy a 1 GB DDR SO-DIMM module, and I hope it'll
work in the slot. Will it? Will only some modules work? If so what
should I look for? Will this module work:

I found somewhere that:
TM5800 memory subsystems can be populated with
64-Mbit (4M x 16 or 8M x 8),
128-Mbit (8M x 16 or 16M x 8),
256-Mbit (16M x 16 or 32M x 8), or
512-Mbit (32M x 16 or 64M x 8) devices.
Note that only x8 and x16 memory devices are supported.

Does it mean that if only my module is made of 32Mx16 or 64Mx8 chips,
it'll work? Or is there anything more required? Does the VIA VT8231 or
the thing's BIOS creates any more limits? With LinuxBIOS will I be able
to put more RAM in than with stock BIOS?

And finally is there anyone here who uses LinuxBIOS on such CPU and
southbridge, and can share some expirience?

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