[LinuxBIOS] Ram limit at 128mb Bios, or hardware?

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Thu Nov 17 04:50:51 CET 2005

Well... I have a 256mb (sdram sodimm pc100) sitting around, but it is of 
VERY low quality.  I will stick it on and hope for the best. If I 
remember from the last few times I have run across this issue, the board 
will still boot and run just fine, but it will only be able to access 
128mb of the 256mb stick. I think. I will let you guy's know how it 
turns out.
End the end I am looking only for one thing, boot time.  How fast can I 
get from power on to playing music in my embedded automotive application 
(Car computer). The less memory I have, the less I need to suspend to 
disk. I will give it a nice big swap space to play with.

Richard Smith wrote:

>>          o 16-byte reads (burst length of two)
>>          o Up to 256 MB total memory supported
>Someone would have to study the datasheet to answer this but if it
>somehow supports 256Mbit chips it might be possible to get a 256 Meg
>stick in there.  Highly unlikely though.
>Richard A. Smith

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