[LinuxBIOS] How to trace back execution of NBI image?

Anton Borisov a.borisov at tesv.tmb.ru
Mon Nov 14 07:42:31 CET 2005

	I boot LX2 with etherboot payload. I see how ip-address is assigned and process of loading NBI image from TFTP server. Unfortunately NBI image can't be run - the reasons are obscured. How to trace back it's execution?

P.S.	etherboot payload is "via-rhine.elf". NBI's structure is below. Any ideas?

$ readelf -a thinstation.nbi
ELF Header:
  Magic:   7f 45 4c 46 01 01 01 ff 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 
  Class:                             ELF32
  Data:                              2's complement, little endian
  Version:                           1 (current)
  OS/ABI:                            Standalone App
  ABI Version:                       0
  Type:                              EXEC (Executable file)
  Machine:                           Intel 80386
  Version:                           0x1
  Entry point address:               0x82800
  Start of program headers:          52 (bytes into file)
  Start of section headers:          276 (bytes into file)
  Flags:                             0x0
  Size of this header:               52 (bytes)
  Size of program headers:           32 (bytes)
  Number of program headers:         7
  Size of section headers:           40 (bytes)
  Number of section headers:         1
  Section header string table index: 0

Section Header:
  [Nr] Name              Type            Addr     Off    Size   ES Flg Lk Inf Al
  [ 0] <corrupt>         NULL            00000000 000000 000000 00      0   0  0
Key to Flags:
  W (write), A (alloc), X (execute), M (merge), S (strings)
  I (info), L (link order), G (group), x (unknown)
  O (extra OS processing required) o (OS specific), p (processor specific)

Program Headers:
  Type           Offset   VirtAddr   PhysAddr   FileSiz MemSiz  Flg Align
  LOAD           0x000200 0x00082800 0x00082800 0x01400 0x01400 RWE 0x200
  LOAD           0x001600 0x00082400 0x00082400 0x00200 0x00200 RWE 0x200
  LOAD           0x001800 0x00080000 0x00080000 0x00200 0x00200 RWE 0x200
  LOAD           0x001a00 0x00080200 0x00080200 0x01400 0x01400 RWE 0x200
  LOAD           0x002e00 0x00100000 0x00100000 0xa2800 0xa2800 RWE 0x200
  LOAD           0x0a5600 0x001a3000 0x001a3000 0xa2d000 0xa2d000 RWE 0x200
  NOTE           0x0001e8 0x00000000 0x00000000 0x00018 0x00000     0

Sincerely, Anton Borisov

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