[LinuxBIOS] ROM image integrity

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Sat Nov 12 21:18:27 CET 2005


Some suggestions:

1) We could put a checksum in the LinuxBIOS rom image so it can be 
   checked for integrity during boot time. Usually safety relevant 
   embedded devices require such a checksum and use CRC16 or CRC32 
   for that.

2) Is there any distinct way of finding out whether a flash image 
   is a LinuxBIOS image? One thing that can be read from an image 
   is the mainboard vendor and id, but the code looks somewhat ugly:
      void show_id(unsigned char *bios, int size)
              unsigned char *manuf, *id;
              while (*id==0) id--; 
              while (*id)    id--;
              manuf=id-1; id++;
              while (*manuf && *manuf!=0xff) manuf--;
              printf("MANUFACTURER: %s\n", manuf);
              printf("MAINBOARD ID: %s\n", id);
3) There should be a flash description map in the rom file that allows 
   a program accessing the flash to automatically exclude certain 
   flashing areas such as the onboard option rom space or the fallback 


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