[LinuxBIOS] Fast booting

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Thu Nov 10 22:44:51 CET 2005

> Do you know any other fast boot solution than linuxbios?
> I tested Via fast boot util, but it is not so fast...
> For example, how about this.
> General Software Embedded BIOS
> http://www.gensw.com/pages/prod/firmbase/firmbase.htm

I've not used firmbase.  But I have used GenSw on a previous project.

You will need some cash.  3 years ago the royalites were about $7/copy
minimum lot of 100. Source is available but it costs about $20k.  Its
one massive pile of assembly code.  Resonablly well coded though.  And
when I got it all setup it worked nicely.  The support although
expensive was good.  In some cases I was talking to the guy who wrote
a lot of the code.

I don't know any of the current prices.

We get a lot of eval boards now that have GenSW's stuff on them now
though and I really don't care for thier license scheme.  They have a
large delay built into the boot sequence and you have to e-mail in or
call to get a license that will by-pass that.  I did call (and e-mail)
several times for one board but never got a response.

Richard A. Smith

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