[LinuxBIOS] Re: patch for cpu in epia-m

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Thu Nov 3 16:35:36 CET 2005

* Raymond Mantchala <rmantchala at wanadoo.fr> [051103 14:53]:
> The last digit of the value set in cpu_table ( for example 0x695) is the 
> stepping value reported by
> cat  /dev/cpuinfo. It refers to the release of the processor. It is 
> adviseable to verify
> that the value corresponding to your cpu is set in cpu_table[].
> I have several epia-m boxes some with stepping 1 and some with stepping 8.
> In this case, I set {X86_VENDOR_CENTAUR, 0x691 } in cpu_table[] to use 
> the box with the cpu wich has stepping 1.

Maybe it would make sense to mask the last digit out for matching
against the table then? Otherwise we end up having very vulnerable rom
images. Plugging a new CPU in suddenly keeps the system from working and
Or we need to store an id and a mask. ie. {X86_VENDOR_CENTAUR, 0x690, 0xfff0 }
to match 0x69[0-f] with one entry.


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