[LinuxBIOS] Intel E7501 Northbridge head-scratching

Steve Magnani steve at digidescorp.com
Fri May 27 05:20:05 CEST 2005


Does anyone (Steven James? yhlu?) know what registers 0x14, 0xD8, and 0xF4
in the E7501's D0:F0 PCI configuration space are for? I know that 0x80 and
0x88 are undocumented, but I didn't see anything in the code
(northbridge/intel/e7501/raminit.c) that said these others were
undocumented. Unfortunately, they seem to be; at least, I can't find any
mention of them in any of the Intel documentation I have.

Also, if I am reading the code correctly, the last entry in
register_values[] will update D2:F0:0x50. That register is also undocumented.

Any help would be much appreciated...

Steve Magnani

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