[LinuxBIOS] How is 'arch' working for you?

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Wed May 25 18:04:26 CEST 2005

> > Are folks getting along with 'arch' ok? Are you able to download as
> > needed? How does it compare to CVS? Is there a different SCM you would
> > like to see used?

This seems like a lead in... *grin*  Are you getting along with arch? 
 I've yet to actually commit anything to linuxbios since I just
reciently fixed up my key.

Reciently though on some projects here at Bitworks we have had a few
CVS gotcha's cause some pain.  So I've been looking for a replacement
and playing with various scm a bit. I've messed with
arch,svn,bazzar-ng, and darcs.  With web page reads of the myriad of
other scms that are popping up.

IMHO arch is just too unwieldly.  I can't imagine trying to explain it
to the other developers here at Bitworks.  baz might make this easier
but that's not one I've looked at that.  Perhpas I'll mess with baz
for trying a commit of the 440bx stuff.

I'm not advocating (yet) but darcs is currently leading the pack on
replacing CVS here at Bitworks.  A nifty additional benefit is that
darcs can now (mostly) work with kernel git trees.

Richard A. Smith

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