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Hello from Gregg C Levine
Indeed it does. 
Over on the BOCHS list a few years earlier, about the same time the
ADLO project surfaced, one of the people there had created a patched
version to accommodate the peculiarities of the X86 processors from
Intel properly in their simulations. It had to do with the handling of
the MSR registers that Intel created for specific granularity within
the machine memory map. 

But that's my understanding of things. I don't quite recall how it was
originally created, let alone how the decision to do this was reached.

Most users of the BOCHS kit don't need to build their own BIOS images,
so there was no real reason to promote this issue.
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> >> uh, bcc?
> >> why bcc?
> > ADLO needs it to compile bochs bios. Are you trying to compile
> > Yes I am trying to compile ADLO.
> note that ADLO uses "Bruce's C compiler" not "Borland's c compiler".
> is part of dev86 package, it seem still come with suse, but not
> with fedora redhat core).
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