[LinuxBIOS] CK804 suggestions

Peter.VanEchaute at bench.com Peter.VanEchaute at bench.com
Wed May 18 19:16:16 CEST 2005

1.  I didn't see that 0xA8 in the device config space was for the MAC address.  It doesn't show it in the register spec I received.  I'll give it a try when I get a chance.  I only saw that offset 0xA8 in the MMIO space was for it.

2.  Taking a closer look at it, I do like it.  Maybe just change the if(!eeprom_valid) part to read from the ROMSTRAP the way I had it.  The reason I like my way of reading the ROMSTRAPs MAC is because you have it at a fixed address.  But the ROMSTRAP could actually be used to setup lots and lots of device registers, if chosen to do so.  Thus pushing that address lower.

        // read directly from rom_strap
        mac_pos = read8(0xffffffe0); // refer to romstrap.inc 
        mac_pos |= (read8(0xffffffe1)<<8);
        mac_pos |= (read8(0xffffffe2)<<16);
        mac_pos |= (read8(0xffffffe3)<<24);

        mac_pos += 0x30;
        for ( dword = nic_index ; dword > 0 ; dword-- )
                mac_pos += 8;

        mac_l = read32(mac_pos);
        mac_h = read32(mac_pos + 4);

Sorry I didn't look at it more closely.

3.  yeah, I saw that.  I was just using something familiar.  Thanks.

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