[LinuxBIOS] smartcore-p5 fails to elfboot both FILO and etherboot

Kjell Svensson lists at endian.se
Fri May 13 22:02:56 CEST 2005

Hi LinuxBIOS list subscribers,

I've been struggling for a couple of days now trying to get LinuxBIOS 
working on a DigitalLogic SmartCore-P5 166MHz PC/104 card.
I am using the v1 tree, since the v1 tree contained smartcore support, 
but the v2 tree does not.
I had no problems building and flashing the LinuxBIOS, and it starts up 
just fine and ends up in elfboot as expected. Elfboot reports to find 
my payload, loads it, and attempts to start executing it. At that 
point, nothing more happens. Due to the limited "debugability" at this 
point, it's hard to say exactly what has happened, but a serial output 
character I have put early in the FILO startup code is not showing up 
so I guess the FILO code is never reached at all(?)
I have verified that the filo elf image I'm trying to load is OK by 
loading it from GRUB (it worked OK).

I have searched both the archives and other parts of the Internet for 
some hints about this, but the only interesting thing I was able to 
find was a FAQ in the FILO tree saying there was a bug in some 
linuxbios/elfboot checksum calculation routine that would cause FILO to 
crash. According to that FAQ, using the latest linuxbios patches should 
fix this problem. But I couldn't find any patches newer than the v1 
stable tree, so I assumed this was old info(?)...

Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any suggestions would be highly 
The v2 tree contains support for another DigitalLogic card that I'm not 
familiar with. Would there be any chance that config would work on my 
SmartCore-P5 card?


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