[LinuxBIOS] flash issue with AMD Ref board

beneo beneo at comcast.net
Fri May 13 01:21:53 CEST 2005

Thanks for all the help and ideas. YhLu, you are good. 040 works, but 004
doesn't. 040 has LPC interface, 004 has FWH interface.



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> * beneo <beneo at comcast.net> [050512 19:56]:
> > I spent sometime to check 8111 southbridge, but I couldn't find anything
> > there.
> It would not be part of the southbridge itself, but for example
> connected to the smbus.
> It might also very well be that AMIBIOS sets the switch correctly, which
> is why flashing works in Linux with AB. but not with LB.
> > Is that possible some setting in the Opteron that prevent write access
> > the EEPROM address be passed down southbridge? I'm not farmilar with the
> > Opteron NB and CPU, if you guys can give me some pointers, that would
> > me a lot.
> Not in the Opteron/NB itself, but it could very well be something
> mainboard specifi, but it could very well be something mainboard
> specific..
> Stefan
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