[LinuxBIOS] flash issue with AMD Ref board

beneo beneo at comcast.net
Thu May 12 19:56:54 CEST 2005


I was also thinking if the AMD senanade board has some special hardware to
protect eeprom write. but after I tried to boot with AMI BIOS into Linux and
use same flash_and_burn utility to flash LinuxBIOS into the EEPROM
sucessufully, I started to be convienced there are some setup issue within
LinuxBIOS caused this.

I spent sometime to check 8111 southbridge, but I couldn't find anything

Is that possible some setting in the Opteron that prevent write access to
the EEPROM address be passed down southbridge?  I'm not farmilar with the
Opteron NB and CPU, if you guys can give me some pointers, that would help
me a lot.

I don't have a scope now, I will see if I can get one.



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> the flash problem: this sounds more to me like an enable line that has
> been added for FLASHWR.
> Beneo, do you have a scope? it is often useful to put a scope on the WR
> line and see if it is toggling.
> ron
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