[LinuxBIOS] VIA EPIA build

Jun OKAJIMA okajima at digitalinfra.co.jp
Mon May 2 22:03:14 CEST 2005

Dont you have any suggestion?


It would be sure that many guys in this list have succeeded to
build a rom image for VIA EPIA series with both freebios1 and 2.
How you did it?  And what is the difference with my case?

                          --- Okajima.


Hello Linux BIOS developers.

I have tried to run linuxbios on VIA EPIA-C800 M/B, but failed. I tried
both freebios1 and 2 src trees, but both failed, Sigh. Anyone can help me ?

Source trees:
     from http://snapshots.linuxbios.org/
in both case, I uses filo/usb from Etherboot 5.4.0 as a payload.

  I tried with both util/config/epia.conf and epia800.conf, but both failed.
  epia.conf does not run. it shows weird and buggy chars. must be runaway.
  epia800.conf runs. but does not load a payload. just ended up with
  "bad gzip magic numbers" after had execed pc80/ide_* stuff.
  I looked up why epia.conf does not run and found the difference between both
  configurations. it would need these lines to be added, but why?
option BOOT_IDE=1
option ONE_TRACK=63

  Just did not work. it seems not to work totally, because even VGA sync
  signal does not comes. BTW, how to enable VGA debugging output?

                 --- Okajima, Jun. Tokyo, Japan.

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