[LinuxBIOS] Mount linux elf image for netboot as loop device

Tony Cheng tony_cheng at pcmagic.net
Thu Mar 31 05:36:23 CEST 2005

I used mkelfImage to combined Linux Kernel 2.4.20 and initrd into elf image for netboot. then I try to use "mount -o loop my_elfImage" to mount this image as a loop device. I get a error message like this:

#mount: you must specify the filesystem type

I have specified the my_elfImage in /etc/fstab as this: (I add a line in fstab because mount ask me to do that)

/root/loop/my_elfImage     /root/loop/tl           auto    noauto,owner,kudzu 0 0

I changed the file type from auto to ext3 and etc. but nothing work for me. 

Could anybody kindly help me on this? 


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