[LinuxBIOS] Re: Error in compiling STPC Consumer

YhLu YhLu at tyan.com
Thu Mar 31 01:08:52 CEST 2005


the code in raminit.c is_opteron will treat my athlon 64 (939) as Opteron


static int is_opteron(const struct mem_controller *ctrl)
        /* Test to see if I am an Opteron.  
         * FIXME Testing dual channel capability is correct for now
         * but a beter test is probably required.
#warning "FIXME implement a better test for opterons"
        uint32_t nbcap;
        nbcap = pci_read_config32(ctrl->f3, NORTHBRIDGE_CAP);
        return !!(nbcap & NBCAP_128Bit);

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