[LinuxBIOS] Help regarding compiling and building bios

Richard Smith smithbone at gmail.com
Tue Mar 22 16:38:49 CET 2005

>    I am a newbie in the fiels of LinuxBios, I want to make linuxbios for the
> STPC Atlas , I know it is not supported in the freebios2
> but it is supprted in the freebios (1). 

I don't think the Atlas is supported.  Whats in V1 is the consumer2
product.  Offhand I don't remember the difference between the 2.

> Bit I have found making of first version is diffrent from that of
> freebios2 . 
> I want to use Etherboot as payload for this bios. 
> Somebody plz do this favour for me that tell me exact steps 
> 1. Downloading freebios version 1 (Usually when i download it misses some
> files) 

Which files?

> 2. Compiling etherboot as payload. 

I've attached a FAQ I did a long time ago.  It has some stuff on
etherboot wich may be useful.  Its almost 2 years old though so use it
more as a guideline rather than an absolute reference.

> 3. Compiling and building freeebios 

1) Create a build directory somewhere outside the linubios tree.  Lets
use lb_atlas for example.

In lb_atlas create a config file: atlas.config.  In this file you need
at minimum

target         src
mainboard  stpc/consumer2

payload <path_to_etherboot_image>

There are probally lots of other options you may need to include.  You
will have to look at the source code to figure out what they need to

Then run the following:

python /path/to/freebios/util/config/NLBConfig.py
/path/to/lb_atlas/atlas.config /path/to/freebios

This will create a lb_atlas/src directory with all the source for a
consumer setup.

Then you cd to src and type make.

> I want final output as a rom image that i can burn into BIOS chip. 

The final output will be called romimage

Richard A. Smith

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