[LinuxBIOS] Help regarding compiling and building bios

Ramesh Chhaba ourlinuxid at yahoo.co.in
Tue Mar 22 07:12:46 CET 2005

Hi All ,
   I am a newbie in the fiels of LinuxBios, I want to make linuxbios for the 
STPC Atlas , I know it is not supported in the freebios2
but it is supprted in the freebios (1).
Bit I have found making of first version is diffrent from that of
freebios2 .
I want to use Etherboot as payload for this bios.
Somebody plz do this favour for me that tell me exact steps
1. Downloading freebios version 1 (Usually when i download it misses some files)
2. Compiling etherboot as payload.
3. Compiling and building freeebios
It is very odd ,i am not knowing anything :(( 
But I have been caught in few errors during compiling 
and dont know exavt steps
I want final output as a rom image that i can burn into BIOS chip.
Thanks in advance
Ramesh Chander

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