[LinuxBIOS] multiple devices in mainboard Config.lb

Stephen.Kimball at bench.com Stephen.Kimball at bench.com
Mon Mar 21 18:34:23 CET 2005

I found that moving my changes to the latest LinuxBIOS source makes a difference.  Now the device tree entries magically are put on a more correct bus.  But LinuxBIOS uses different busses depending on how I number the devices.  If I number the PCI devices to power up defaults, then the device table uses bus 1 for the first CK804 and 3 for the second.  If I number them with the bumped up device numbers given by incoherent.c then it uses busses 1 and 2. I would assume that the Config.lb file would use the device's power up default values?  

I'm dumping the device tree in device.c after "Devices initialized" with

printk_info("Dev tree...\n");
for(dev = all_devices; dev; dev = dev->next) {
       bus = dev->bus;
       printk_info("%s bus %d link %d ", dev_path(dev), bus->secondary, bus->link);
       printk_info(" sibling %s ", dev_path(dev->sibling));
       printk_info(" next %s\n", dev_path(dev->next));
       printk_info(" vendor %x ", dev->vendor);
       printk_info(" on_mainboard %x ", dev->on_mainboard);
       printk_info(" enabled %x ", dev->enabled);
       printk_info(" have_resources %x ", dev->have_resources);
       printk_info(" initialized %x\n", dev->initialized);
printk_info("End of tree\n");



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OK, that makes sense.  So how do I specify bus 1 and 3 in the Config file?


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the first one is right.

bus 2 is leave for bus under your master ck804 pci bus behind pci bridge 1:a.0


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