[LinuxBIOS] Problems Setting The Opteron Address Map (resourcemap.c)

Jeff Stevens jsteve17 at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 18 15:27:33 CET 2005

I am trying to understand the Opteron Address Map, and
am having some problems.  I'm pretty sure I understand
everything but the PCI I/O section, but I have few
questions about the other sections also.  If there is
a good document to help one setup the address map,
other than the "AMD BIOS and Kernel Developer's
Guide", please let me know.

I have a Quad-Opteron system, with an AMD 8131 and AMD
8111 hanging off of CPU 0, and another AMD 8131
hanging off of CPU 1.  Each CPU has 4 DIMM slots for
DDR memory.

1. Does the DRAM map section pertain to the DDR SDRAM,
or is there an ability on the Opteron (as on some
other PPC processors I have dealt with) to hang
standard DRAM off of the local bus of the processor? 
If this is for DDR SDRAM, if I leave them all
disabled, do these get configured later when the BIOS
reads the SPD PROM for the DDR?  Or do I have to
configure a Window for each processor's maximum
allowable DDR SDRAM?

2. It seems that the Memory Mapped I/O section is
mainly to map the AMD 8111 and 8131s IO-APIC address
ranges (which seem to be 64KB in size).  Is this
correct, and is there anything else that should go
there (maybe PCI space)?

3. The PCI I/O section is my main problem.  I haven't
dealt with PCI too much in depth.  I don't understand
how it uses only 13 bits for the PCI I/O Base and
Limit addresses?  I thought that you need a 32-bit
address?  Please help me understand exactly what the
I/O base address is!  The only examples in the
LinuxBIOS tree have the AMD 8111 & 8131s hanging off
of one CPU, and therefor just steer all of the address
range to that HT link.

Thanks you in advance!

Jeff Stevens

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