[LinuxBIOS] CVS or TLA

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Thu Mar 17 19:21:24 CET 2005

* Li-Ta Lo <ollie at lanl.gov> [050317 19:11]:
> How updated is you tla archive? I think there are changes on the CVS.
The latest commit was your x86emu fixes on 2005-03-10

(rather slow due to about 1000 changesets. i am discussing this issue
with the author of viewarch.)

> BTW, do I have to send you my gpg key to get commit privilege? Or ssh
> key is enough.
It is enough to use ssh. THOUGH: It is highly recommended that you sign
the commits so that the origin can be verified. (ie otherwise I could
in theory fake a commit done by you)  


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