[LinuxBIOS] Names names.. [was: Linux vs. Open?]

Peter Stuge stuge-linuxbios at cdy.org
Tue Mar 15 10:57:56 CET 2005

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 11:21:32PM -0700, David Hendricks wrote:

[..lots of good acronym ideas..]

> I'm still not entirely clear on why a new acronym is necessary,

I was looking more for an official term, not neccessarily an acronym.

> Perhaps we should try to clear up the definition of the word
> "payload" more than using another acronym to describe what is meant
> by the word "BIOS" since BIOS is already sort of a generic term for
> a wad of hardware initialization routines.

"BIOS" is quickly getting obsolete.. Plus LinuxBIOS as of now doesn't
do much in the traditional BIOS sense; there are no callbacks, by
design. It's a mainboard firmware rather than a BIOS. That's actually
pretty good, "mainboard firmware" - but then I'm back at the original
problem; what to call the non-payload part. Core? Hardware init?

> Then we can explain why "Linux" is in the name of the project. Or
> perhaps the solution would be to change the name of the project
> back to FreeBIOS. If not that, we can call it Minnich's BIOS (Since
> it rhymes with LinuxBIOS) and pray that nobody calls it MinixBIOS
> :)

:) The name LinuxBIOS has catched on however, I recall Ron wrote that
it catched on even among vendors, and changing it without a really
good reason would just hurt in that case.

Terribly sorry if anyone thinks I'm splitting hairs. I just want to
see what ideas are out there on this.


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