Does anybody needs LinuxBIOS for VMware virtual machines?

Richard Smith smithbone at
Tue Mar 8 12:24:00 CET 2005

> <Stephen.Kimball at> wrote:
> > If you haven't already tried... maybe a few out's to port 0x80 to slow things down.
> Thats a pretty quick and easy test.  I'll do that in a bit and see what happens.

No change.  I still get all 0xff's (not all zeros like I said earlier)  

I think I'm a victim of my own cleverness.  Digging back into the code
I now rember that my port is _not_ just a port of the V1 assembly. 
Its a total rewrite.

My port is heavly based on the AMD solo board.  Thats the mainboard
that had a superIO closest to mine and out of all the boards I looked
at the AMD north and southbridge code was the cleanist and easiest to
follow.  So I basically took the smbus code from the amd8111 and
changed the register defines and bit flags to match the i440bx.

Well at least thats the theory.  Obviously I got something wrong.  The
structure for the sm_bus read already has a delay function in it.  It
was only one out(80,80) I bumped it up to 6 but no change.

I suspect that one of my flags is just incorrect.  What needs to
happen is lots of debug prints to watch the status register and verify
that a single read really does the right thing.

I was kinda hopeing it would just "work".  Sigh.  

I can't really mess with it again till this weekend but if someone
else wants the code let me know.

Richard A. Smith

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