Build error on the EPIA-M

Richard Smith smithbone at
Tue Mar 8 04:10:01 CET 2005

> RS> I don't think in-kernel will be enough.  pcmica services depend on the
> RS> card manager deamon to detect device insertions and register the
> RS> device.  cardmgr is user space.
> No, you're a bit wrong. PCMCIA services do not _depend_ on cardmgr.
> They may take advantage of it, but do not depend on it. The only case
> when you need cardmgr is for removable (not potentially, but actually)
> devices. If you place your CF card into EPIA MII once and for all, you
> can easily load all your pcmcia drivers manually (or put them
> in-kernel) and have a working PCMCIA IDE.

I did a test where I did exactly that. And the IDE device did not
appear until I ran cardmgr  even though both the card bridge driver
and ide-cs were compiled in.

I'm guessing thought that cardmgr just knows the right /proc/ things
to tickle to make the IDE device appear.  Do you happen to know what
those are?

Richard A. Smith

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