Build error on the EPIA-M

Alexander Amelkin spirit at
Tue Mar 8 00:22:00 CET 2005


Richard Smith:

RS> I don't think in-kernel will be enough.  pcmica services depend on the
RS> card manager deamon to detect device insertions and register the
RS> device.  cardmgr is user space.

No, you're a bit wrong. PCMCIA services do not _depend_ on cardmgr.
They may take advantage of it, but do not depend on it. The only case
when you need cardmgr is for removable (not potentially, but actually)
devices. If you place your CF card into EPIA MII once and for all, you
can easily load all your pcmcia drivers manually (or put them
in-kernel) and have a working PCMCIA IDE.

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