Does anybody needs LinuxBIOS for VMware virtual machines?

Richard Smith smithbone at
Mon Mar 7 18:29:00 CET 2005

> > How difficult is it to port Intel 440BX chipset support from
> > V1 to V2?
> Not terribly hard.  It is more of a time/desire thing.  Does vmware
> accurately simulate what is required to bring memory up or do we

Yep. not to bad.  I've got the beginnings of the port already done.  I
got hung up on getting my dump_spd routine to return somthing else
besides zero.  Its really wierd.  I can actually see the data on the
SMbus happening but I don't ever seem to get a result back.

Like Eric says if you don't have to to the RAM init then it will
probally move really quickly.

I haven't had chance to work on it for a while.  If your are
interested I can whip up a patch vs current cvs and send it to you. 
It's not in the V2 tree.

Richard A. Smith

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