linuxbios on k7sem with 2.6.x kernel?

Thomas Wehrspann thomas at
Mon Mar 7 13:38:00 CET 2005

On Friday 04 March 2005 14:57, Markus Wolters wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have an old k7sem board and I want to try Linuxbios (v1 or v2) on it. Now
> before I kill my board, I have a 
I have the same board. Works well with LinuxBIOS v1. 
AFAIK there is currently no v2 support for SiS boards like the K7SEM.

> few questions, maybe somebody could answer them to me and give me a helping
> hand?
> Is it possible to use a 2.6 kernel?
Yes, works here.
The kernel patches with v1 are only for 2.4 kernels. They are not neccessary, 
but perhaps useful, so i ported them to 2.6 a while ago. See here

> Is it possible to use the original bios chip?
Try to get a DiskOnChip Millenium (NOT a DoC 2000). Although they are not 
produced anymore ;-(
Does anyone know if the DoC Millenium Plus (has a  boot capability) is also 

> And how do I configure and build it with these options, if it is possible?
There is a K7SEM HOWTO in the sources.

The last time i checked the CVS, it was broken for K7SEM. Try this patch for a 


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