Version Control

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Fri Mar 4 00:42:01 CET 2005

* Eric W. Biederman <ebiederman at> [050304 06:02]:
> For the web pages I don't care.  But for the sources I SVN does not solve
> one of our major problems:  Multiple repositories.
With the Wiki the web page issue has solved. 

> So arch aka tla appears to be the sane way to go.  It can act as
> a shared repository with multiple commiters.  It also handles forks
> well.  Arch among other things is drop dead simple to setup.  Pretty
> much you need an ssh account that you can place all of your developers
> public keys in .ssh/authorized_keys.  From there all of the logic
> happens remotely with sftp.  Stefan can probably testify to that a
> little more than I can.

Either the authorized_key or a gate keeper can be used.

> I am in the process of prototyping it internally to verify that
> everything works properly.  I have already converted my internal
> linuxbios tree with 903 changesets.  And have just started doing
> a little bit of development on it.  So far all of the important
> cases involving multiple branches and multiple repositories
> seem to work and are relatively easy to handle.

after solving the usual python issues I have cscvs working nicely here
as well. I am in the progress of setting up a tla version of the
repository that is publicly available on It will also be
fed into the repository browser viewarch 

Which one are you using? I have:
hun at

> Ron does this sound like something you would be willing to look at?

Let the public import finish and then have a look at the repository on There you can play and find out if you like it.


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