Geode GX1 and IRQ tables

Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Thu Mar 3 21:48:00 CET 2005

* ramesh bios <ramesh_bios at> [050304 05:12]:
> Ok, so I tried this specific sequence and it failed.
> making region read/write
> done making region read/write
> Verifing priq routing tables copy at 0xf0000...failed,
> f0000=b0 while 87c0=24
> Could it be that f0000 is mapped to the flash? I'm
> trying to figure out whether that is technically
> possible for a gx1? Could the hardware somehow have a
> control that maps the 2Mbit flash to that block?

In /dev/bios I've been using the following code to switch between the
ram image and the rom image. I don't have the specs at hand, but you
should look into the specs of device 0x1078:0x0100

static void cs5530_activate(void)
        /* Save modified registers for later reset */

        /* enable rom write access */
        pci_write(CURRENT, 0x52, pci_dummy[0]|0x06);


static void cs5530_deactivate(void)
        pci_write(CURRENT, 0x52, pci_dummy[0]);

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