Version Control

Eric W. Biederman ebiederman at
Thu Mar 3 18:27:01 CET 2005

"Ronald G. Minnich" <rminnich at> writes:

> On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Josh England wrote:
> > The offer still stands to host SVN for the freebios trees as well as
> > host,, etc....I think the server is close to
> > being ready.  We'll have to figure out how to best transfer the CVS
> > history over to SVN -- I've heard the tools for that are not the best.
> good stuff. I think web pages will be somewhere but SVN 
> would be nice on the host.

For the web pages I don't care.  But for the sources I SVN does not solve
one of our major problems:  Multiple repositories.

Because of the NDA issues inherent in doing LinuxBIOS support before
a chipset is released, and because of forks needed to ensure quality
board ports that vendors can support I don't see multiple repositories
going away.

So arch aka tla appears to be the sane way to go.  It can act as
a shared repository with multiple commiters.  It also handles forks
well.  Arch among other things is drop dead simple to setup.  Pretty
much you need an ssh account that you can place all of your developers
public keys in .ssh/authorized_keys.  From there all of the logic
happens remotely with sftp.  Stefan can probably testify to that a
little more than I can.

I am in the process of prototyping it internally to verify that
everything works properly.  I have already converted my internal
linuxbios tree with 903 changesets.  And have just started doing
a little bit of development on it.  So far all of the important
cases involving multiple branches and multiple repositories
seem to work and are relatively easy to handle.

The big plus of something like this is it will be a lot less work
for me to push my changes to the public tree so everyone will get
them sooner.

The latest version of cscvs is not perfect but it does do an adequate
job of converting a cvs repository into an arch repository.  You just
have to be very patient with it :)  It took about 8 hours to convert
my internal tree.

Ron does this sound like something you would be willing to look at?


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