documentation page on wiki

Jamie Rollins jrollins at
Wed Mar 2 05:59:00 CET 2005

So I'm trying to put together a Documentation page on the new site.
However, since I don't actually know how to do any of this stuff myself
(which is why I'm very excited about the new page), I'm just culling
documentation from where ever I can find it.  The only "official" things
I'm finding right now are the old how-to's and the LinuxBIOS Configuration
Tool paper from Ron Minnich in Jan 2001 that I pulled from the V1 CVS
repository.  There's also a very nice article that I found from Linux
Magazine that is better than most other things that I've read about
getting started:

Does any one have any idea whether or not we can re-print this article, or
at least link to it from the page?

Also, I'm making a call for all documentation input.  I think that the
page should be organized with a general documentation applicable to all
systems, and then how-to's for specific motherboards (which can be linked
to from the Supported Motherboards page).


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