Fw: Re: Documentation [was: new FSF campaign ..]

Justin C. Darby jdarby at powercom.net
Wed Mar 2 04:59:00 CET 2005

Richard Smith wrote:

>A tehnical glossary would be nice but  one thing we _really_ need is a
>listing of all config options and what they do.  This was (and still
>is) one of the largest hurdles for me.  And its one of the things that
>Google won't find much on.
>I compiled part of a list for V1 and its in my FAQ I put out but V2 is
>all new to me.
If someone can point me in the right direction (in the source, I'd 
guess) to find all of the configuration options without descriptions I 
can setup a page dedicated to explaining them one at a time.


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