Stefan Reinauer stepan at
Wed Mar 2 00:44:00 CET 2005

* Martin Ley <m303 at> [050302 11:30]:
> The next thing is, how do I get the ROM image to the flash? The flash is
> a SST39SF020A. The best solution would be that I use a second flash to
> play with linuxbios, but I can't find a distributor in germany willing
> to sell small quantities. 

You might try Conrad or any other electronics shop. Be sure to purchase
a chip of the same family (39xx0y0)

> My colleage has a programmer, which supports that flash. The idea is,
> that he saves the standard BIOS and writes linuxbios to it. In case the
> linuxbios image does not work, the original BIOS could be rewritten to
> it. Would that work?

Yes. This will work, I did such a lot of times. With the flash_rom
utility mentioned in the FAQ you can also easily create a rom backup
file of your original bios. (Be sure to copy it to another machine or
floppy before erasing the flash chip though ;)


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