Geode GX1 and IRQ tables

ramesh bios ramesh_bios at
Tue Mar 1 17:28:00 CET 2005

1. Shadow RAM

I guess I would need to find a way to tell the
northbridge to enable shadow RAM for some range around
f0000. I looked through the CS5530A datasheet and see
shadow registers but no mention of shadowing RAM. Nor
in the GX1 datasheet either. I'm looking for some
register in either the GX1 or the CS5530A that would
enable this. I am looking for some register that would
enable me to remap the C0000-F0000 address range to
somewhere in sdram. Is that the right thing to be
looking for?

2. Uncompressed payload
I'm not sure I understand what this means. Right now,
my payload is filo. In the build, I see:

dd conv=sync bs=196608 if=/bios/filo-0.4.2/filo.elf
cat payload.block > romimage

Oh, I guess you must mean this stuff:

objcopy -O binary linuxbios_c linuxbios_payload.bin
./nrv2b e linuxbios_payload.bin

So I guess there is some kind of compression going on

Which method would be the right thing to do? I'll look
at the shadow ram thing first then.


--- "Ronald G. Minnich" <rminnich at> wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, ramesh bios wrote:
> > Strike that. The issue is somewhere with
> > copy_pirq_routing_table. IE: why does the copy to
> > f0000 fail. I had assumed that the 500 address was
> an
> > alternate location that the table was copied to.
> So
> > now, I'm looking at that f000 failure.
> the copy to f0000 fails because shadow ram is not
> set up. 
> You can fix this one of two ways. One is to figure
> out how to enable 
> shadow ram. The second is to make the payload
> uncompressed. The copy will 
> still fail but linux will find the PIRQ table
> anyway.
> ron
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