Geode GX1 and IRQ tables

ramesh bios ramesh_bios at
Tue Mar 1 15:09:00 CET 2005

The URL for the Cox/Weinigel thread about PIRQ tables
on the geode gx1 is at:

I'm doing a little bit more analysis of the problem
now. I've been looking at the following block of code
from 2.6.10's pci/irq.c. First of all, LB states this
during bootup:
Checking IRQ routing tables...
30:check_pirq_routing_table() - irq_routing_table
located at: 0x00008740
Copying IRQ routing tables to 0xf0000...done.
Verifing priq routing tables copy at 0xf0000...failed
Wrote linuxbios table at: 00000500 - 00000664 
checksum f9fe
I'm not sure why the copy to 0xf0000 failed. That's
kinda odd but I'll live with it for now. Now, I put
some debug in the kernel code to see whether it found
the pirq table and I saw:

no pirq_table so calling pcibios_get_irq_routing_table

coming from pcibios_irq_init. So based on the code
appended below, I believe that the kernel isn't
finding the pirq table. And I think this is because
the kernel's pirq_find_routing_table function only
looks from __va(0xf0000) to __va(0x100000) whereas LB
puts it at 0000500. The second attempt that the kernel
makes to get the PIRQ table is with
pcibios_get_irq_routing_table and that fails too. I
need to look at that, but first I think I'll look into
why the copy to f0000 fails. In the meantime, any

static int __init pcibios_irq_init(void)
        DBG("PCI: IRQ init\n");

        if (pcibios_enable_irq || raw_pci_ops == NULL)
                return 0;


        pirq_table = pirq_find_routing_table();

        if (!pirq_table && (pci_probe &
                printk(KERN_WARNING "no pirq_table so
calling pcibios_get\n");
                pirq_table =
        if (pirq_table) {
                printk(KERN_WARNING "had
                if (pirq_table->exclusive_irqs) {
                        int i;
                        for (i=0; i<16; i++)
(!(pirq_table->exclusive_irqs & (1 << i)))
pirq_penalty[i] += 100;
                /* If we're using the I/O APIC, avoid
using the PCI IRQ routing table */
                if (io_apic_assign_pci_irqs) {
                        printk(KERN_WARNING "using
io_apic to assign irqs\n");
                        pirq_table = NULL;

        pcibios_enable_irq = pirq_enable_irq;

        return 0;

--- "Ronald G. Minnich" <rminnich at> wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Mar 2005, Richard Smith wrote:
> > I've found that Linux up to 2.6.9 (I haven't
> tested .10)  Dosen't do
> > this fully.  With my 440bx chipset there are
> config registers in the
> > northbridge that control which IRQ line each of
> the PCI PIRQ lines are
> > routed to.  Even with a proper PIRQ table these
> registers are not setup
> > and I get the same error reported.
> that's whacky. The old linux did fine with 440bx. I
> never had to do 
> anything but set up PIRQ tables. 
> > I suggest you diff the output of lspci -xxx for
> the northbridge between
> > linubios and factory bios and resolve all the
> differences with the
> > datasheet.
> on the geode 2.4.18 always worked, and if I patched
> linux for later 
> linuxes, that worked fine too. 
> What a mess PIRQ got to be .... 
> ron

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