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Hi Andreas

Quoting Andreas Thienemann <andreas at>:

> Hi Mark,
> On Tue, 1 Mar 2005 mark.wilkinson at wrote:
>> Andreas, which version of LB where you looking at ? People still seem to be
>> getting on ok with V1 and the HOW-TO I wrote some time ago.
> I tried the Linuxbios 1 version together with the howto.
>> Which version of the EPIA are you using, is it the original EPIA or one
>> of the other version (ie EPIA-M, EPIA-MII etc) ? If it's the EPIA, I may
>> be able to help.
> I tried the epia-pd.

This could be the start of the problem, from what I remember, the versions of
the EPIA after the initial one where each different enough to cause problems,
such as a different north/south bridge requiring different configurations to
get the ram, serial, etc up and running.

The inital EPIA has a via VT8601 northbridge and a VT8231 southbridge.

Looking at VIA's website, everything after the EPIA, upto but not 
including the
new EPIA-SP have a CLE266 northbridge and a VT8235 southbridge. This 
would mean
that the code for the EPIA-M in LinuxBIOS should work for these motherboards.

The EPIA-SP is listed as having a CN400 northbridge and a VT8237 Southbrigde.

Unfortunately, I think the EPIA-M code is not working at the present, I don't
think it got updated after the major code changes a little while ago (Someone
please correct me if I'm wrong)

getting that code to compile would be your first step.

> According to the specs, the hardware itself is not that different from the
> M version. Seems not to be the case however.
> bye,
>  andreas

Mark Wilkinson.

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