Geode GX1 and IRQ tables

ramesh bios ramesh_bios at
Tue Mar 1 00:47:00 CET 2005

Good point. I did not know about ACPI. Ok, looking
through the source, I don't see ACPI in the gx1 code.
So I presume that this means that LinuxBIOS doesn't
provide ACPI support in the case of the Geode.

Would I be able to test if Linux 2.6.10 is able to
parse the normal BIOS' PIRQ table by booting linux
with acpi=off? If it does work at that point, then I
could assume that the area to be fixed would be the
PIRQ table generation in LinuxBIOS. If not, then it'd
be time to examine the kernel's pirq code.

I'm still somewhat confused though. At the point that
LB calls the kernel, shoudn't LB have used the IRQ
table values to set the PCI config space registers to
write IRQ values to the PCI config registers and such?
And if that were done, Linux would not need to parse a
PIRQ table, yes?


--- Stefan Reinauer <stepan at> wrote:
> * ramesh bios <ramesh_bios at> [050301
> 08:19]:
> > That's odd. My understanding might be lacking. 
> > 
> > I think the PIRQ table parser in 2.6.10 seems to
> work
> > because it works when I use the normal BIOS. 
> Sure normal BIOS does not provide ACPI instead? In
> such case, PIRQ stays
> mostly untouched.
> Stefan
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