[LinuxBIOS] print_stack() error?

Lasse Jensen lje at kontron.dk
Tue Jun 28 14:42:03 CEST 2005

Anyone know why this happens?!
In the old builds I didn't see this error, any hints?!
It does this on 4-5 builds...
Processing mainboard/digitallogic/adl855pc (i386: ok)
  Creating config file... ok
  Creating builddir...FAILED! Log excerpt:
  File "digitallogic_adl855pc/config.py", line 1058, in getoption
    v = getoptionvalue(name, o, image)
  File "digitallogic_adl855pc/config.py", line 1033, in getoptionvalue
NameError: global name 'print_stack' is not defined
Ps. I know the adl855pc don't work.....
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