[LinuxBIOS] Merge complete....

Stefan Reinauer stepan at openbios.org
Thu Jun 23 15:23:09 CEST 2005

* Stephen.Kimball at bench.com <Stephen.Kimball at bench.com> [050623 15:15]:
> Looking at your hard_reset() in 
>   src/mainboard/tyan/s2895/auto.c 
>   src/nvidia/ck804/ck804_reset.c 
> The two hard_reset's are different.  I think one might be wrong.  The
> one in auto.c writes a & e to cf9, that's a hard reset. The one in
> ck804_reset.c writes 2 and 6 to cf9, that's a soft reset. Also I'm not
> sure how you enable the cf9 port.  I think you should write LPC:e8 in
> hard_reset() to be sure it's enabled.  
0xcf9 is indeed not enabled. This causes problems with reboot from Linux
in some circumstances. (ie when using ACPI with an FADT)

IIRC 0xcf9 needs to be enabled in devB:x41 register, set [D5].


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