[LinuxBIOS] A question in auto.c

Huang-Jen Wang huangjen.wang at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 09:29:24 CEST 2005

Dear all, 
One part of auto.c, I can't understand , hope you can tell me.
In the "static unsigned int generate_row(uint8_t node, uint8_t row,
uint8_t maxnodes)" function, how do I get the values of "static const
unsigned int rows_4p[4][4]" array , I see an example :

 /* Link0 of CPU0 to Link0 of CPU1 */
 /* Link1 of CPU0 to Link2 of CPU2 */
 /* Link2 of CPU1 to Link1 of CPU3 */
 /* Link0 of CPU2 to Link0 of CPU3 */
static const unsigned int rows_4p[4][4] = {
                { 0x00070101, 0x00010202, 0x00030404, 0x00010204 },
                { 0x00010202, 0x000b0101, 0x00010208, 0x00030808 },
                { 0x00030808, 0x00010208, 0x000b0101, 0x00010202 },
                { 0x00010204, 0x00030404, 0x00010202, 0x00070101 }

but I still can't understand why?

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