[LinuxBIOS] EPIA-M Almost there

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Tue Jun 7 04:47:56 CEST 2005

New line of code in. Linuxbios bios recompiled...
And yes, we are making it into the south bridge.
Here is the new output.

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> On Mon, Jun 06, 2005 at 12:43:43PM -0700, Adam Talbot wrote:
>> Well, that was cool... I have recompiled with the new options in place.
>> Here is all my out put that I got, I just let minicom capture it.  It was
>> stuck in a dead loop, so I kill power after a bit.  Still have the first
>> boot at 115200 and all others need to be at 57600 issue.
>> Hopes this helps in the debug.
> Slowly we seem to be making progress. :)
> I /think/ the southbridge code needs some cleanup. It'll be a day or two
> before I have time to look properly, but if you shove
> printk_debug("In VT8235 southbridge_enable\n");
> in the southbridge_enable function in
> /src/southbridge/via/vt8235/vt8235.c that'll at least show if it ever
> gets that far. Don't worry if you don't have time though, as that whole
> area definitely looks like it needs work anyway.
> The half baud rate problem is something I've seen mentioned before;
> something to do with the southbridge and various clocks settling down?
> I'll worry about it once other matters are sorted. ;)
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