[LinuxBIOS] EPIA-M Almost there

Adam Talbot talbotx at comcast.net
Mon Jun 6 07:42:02 CEST 2005

Humm, so I am working on the EPIA-MII.  Jonathan was kind enough to provide 
me with a compiling version of the source code. OK, I am stuck at this 
point.  The code is compiled and flashed.  Here is my console output. On the 
first reboot.


    LinuxBIOS- Sun Jun  5 22:31:42 PDT 2005 starting...
    vt8623 init starting
    vt8623 done

After the first reboot I have to set my connection speed to 57600 instead of 
115200, and I get.


    LinuxBIOS- Sun Jun  5 22:31:09 PDT 2005 starting...

Where do I turn up the debug so I can get a bit more info and perhaps track 
the problem??

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> On Sat, Jun 04, 2005 at 09:57:53AM -0700, Adam Talbot wrote:
>> I have a prom flasher and am more then willing to test the code.  If
>> you would tar/gzip your tree and send it to me I will compile it for
>> my EPIA-MII and test it for you.  The worst that could happen is the
>> system does not boot at all, that why I bought the prom flasher in the
>> first place. :-)
> Heh. Well, I make absolutely no guarantees about this code other than
> "it compiles for me". It won't do VGA stuff and having had a further
> prod around there's a lot of cleanup that needs done around the vt1211
> code. I've no way of running it or testing it until my kit arrives and
> I'm loathe to start making more changes until I've tested at least this
> lot to see if anything happens. :)
> However, I've put what I've got up in an Arch repository.
> tla register-archive noodles at earth.li--pie \
> http://www.earth.li/~noodles/arch/noodles@earth.li--pie
> tla get noodles at earth.li--pie/freebios--epia-m--2.0 freebios2-epiam
> cd freebios2-epiam/targets
> ./buildtarget via/epia-m/Config.filo.lb
> cd via/epia-m/epia-m/
> make
> (You'll need a copy of filo.elf in the same directory as the
> freebios2-epiam subdirectory for the make to complete)
> J.
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