[LinuxBIOS] Pm49FL002 Flash

Hugo MERCIER hugo.mercier at laposte.net
Wed Jun 1 19:33:55 CEST 2005


  I'm new to this list and to the project. I'd like to add support for
the Asus A7V600 motherboard (VT8237 and KT600 based). I don't have many
time, I'am not very familiar with chipset low level programming, but ...
I found LinuxBios is an interesting project ;)

  Until now, I spend my time gathering informations (manuals and
datasheet - with a request to VIA) and looking to the linuxbios code.

  I just wanted to add flash support to the flash_rom util to start
something. My motherboard is using the Pm49FL002 flash memory. It's the
same as the Pm49FL004 with 2Mb instead of 4Mb.

  With respect to the Pm49FL002 datasheet, it seems to act as Jedec. So,
I added this to flash_rom.c:
        {"Pm49FL002",   PMC_ID,         PMC_49FL002,    NULL, 256, 16 *
         probe_jedec,   erase_chip_jedec, NULL,NULL},
and to flash_rom.h:
#define PMC_49FL002       0x6D  /* PMC 49FL002 device code      */

  I just wanted to test the probing (No erasing or programming yet).
And ... it fails. flash_rom doesn't find anything : the reported IDs
bytes are the same as those reported without the probing memory cycles
(0x555,0xAAA, ...)

  So ... what am I doing wrong ? Do I have to set some bit in the
Northbridge registers ?

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